Multi functional space


A garden room can be a multi function space and provide value to all of the family.  With a multi-functional garden room often every member of the family has their own ideas on how to best use the new space so these spaces are often larger to accommodate all the planned activities and often combine offices spaces with additional living spaces. By discussing your planned internal usage beforehand, we can offer advice on certain features and layouts that will be of benefit to the whole family and help you to get maximum value from your investment.

Here are just some of design options we can offer for multi functional garden rooms.

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Integrated garden storage

When we conduct site surveys, in many instances there is an existing shed on or around the proposed garden room site, when we ask our clients about their intentions for the shed the most common response is “it’s going”.  However, whereas removal of the shed itself presents little concern, the plans for the contents of the shed often take a bit more consideration.  We all need the lawnmower but don’t necessary want the lawn mower!  As a solution we can integrate a storage area into your garden room, accessed by a separate entrance door and finished internally with OSB sheeting.  This provides the ideal storage area for the nearly homeless lawnmower, tools and tins of paint.

Internal walls

Internal walls can divide the internal space and provide multiple separate area, often desirable in a multi functional garden rooms.  This can be used to separate working and family areas.  However internal divisions can also provide extra wall space, extra wall space in its self can be useful for mounting a TVs, speakers or shelves for storage of books or equipment in the case of a art studio.

Ventilation Windows

We recommend all garden rooms feature at least one opening window.  When a window is required for just this purpose, ventilation, we can install a small high level ventilation window to any aspect.  This allows for purging ventilation in the summer months and also controllable passive ventilation via the night catch.  This provides a good degree of control over your fresh area supply.  These windows are positioned at a high level, so from the outside it makes it very difficult to see into, providing a level of privacy if facing a neighboring property.  It may seem like a small detail, but it is these small details that overall make a big difference on usability and enjoyment.


These are just some of the options we have available for multi functional garden rooms.


More Uses

Garden room uses, MULTI-FUNCTIONAL, offices, music studios, gyms & More

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Garden rooms Cheshire

Located in the Cheshire Town of Congleton, apodo designs supply and install insulated, bespoke, contemporary garden rooms, offices and studios throughout mainland UK. Our location in the Northwest of England provides the perfect base to serve the local towns of Alderley Edge, Crewe, Macclesfield, Northwich, Wilmslow, Knutsford, Prestbury and Holmes Chapel to name a few and we are within touching distance of Manchester and Liverpool to the north.



All of our garden offices achieve class leading levels of thermal performance and feature their own heating so are usable 365 days a year. However, a garden office needs to be more than just a insulated and heated space, it needs to be both welcoming and motivating. By their very nature, detached garden offices provide the ideal separation from home distractions and by adding some of our bespoke features, you can create you ideal, personal working environment.



A garden studio is a space to enjoy the things that interest us outside of work, most commonly we see garden studios being used as home gyms and music studios. Each of these differing uses have additional specific requirements to ensure they function as intended. We offer additional design options for both home gyms and music studios, these focus on the main usage intent for the space.