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About apodo designs

Located in Congleton, Cheshire and installing throughout mainland UK.

apodo designs was established in 2013 with a passion for creating fantastic looking garden room spaces, with high levels of insulation performance as a given.  We quickly understood that each of our potential clients had a very different set of needs, from the visual appearance to the layout, available space and budget.

We felt the only way to meet all the needs of our clients, was to offer in most cases a completely bespoke solution. From this we developed into lower volume garden room installation company, focused on providing a complete garden room design and install service, with a commitment to focusing on the details that matter to you while offering more of an overall personal service.

We were conscious that in most walks of life bespoke means solutions need to cost more, however, we have found that if you invest in gaining knowledge, commit to offing flexibility and build these necessary skills within your team, this doesn't need to be the case.

There are some elements that we won't change with our garden rooms.  We won't comprise on thermal performance and we won't compromise on the structural design, these areas must be right for longevity and usability.  However, when it comes to the overall shape, the exterior and interior finishes, we want to give you the flexibility to choose, to ensure you gain maximum personal value from your investment.

To deliver on our goals of creating fantastic looking, highly insulated, bespoke garden room spaces we have designers and engineers at hand to provide attractive workable solutions and a dedicated team of installers, plasterers and electricians to deliver our solutions.  All with a no-compromise approach when it comes to professionalism, detail and finish and an open mind when it comes to flexibility and creativity.

For each client we maintain an intense focus on each project from start to finish, providing the time, care and dedication to deliver your new garden room space exactly how you wanted it.

The result of this approach is that we have never installed the same garden room more than once, our client feedback is always glowing and we have become well practiced in delivering bespoke garden rooms projects throughout mainland UK.

We hope our website is a great showcase for our work and also informative, helping you make important decisions along the path to your bespoke garden room.

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We focus on 5 key objectives for each of our client’s projects to ensure we meet expectations in quality, service and budget for all of our custom designed garden rooms.


· Quality materials, features and finishes – Providing a luxury residential feel to your new space.

· High levels of thermal performance – Designed for all year-round use.

· Contemporary and functional designs – Creating enjoyable spaces to occupy.

· Bespoke design service – To suit your available space, usage needs, style and budget.

· Clear informative pricing – So you have all the information, to make informed decisions.

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